Anonymous: Do you think you and Lauren will be a couple?

I don’t like to think too far ahead. Things were rushed in the past, with other people, and I’m not trying to rush anything these days. I just enjoy her company for now, and am just taking things as they come to me.

Anonymous: Do you regret making those sexy gifs?

I regret nothing, brah.

Anonymous: Do you think that Lauren is a rebound that you may not know yet?

Lauren is certainly not a rebound. I got my subtle rebound in before her, and her and I aren’t a couple, we just love hanging out with each other and she might just be the coolest girl I ever met.

Follow my awesome friend Audrey, stewartphoto and check out her incredible portfolio. She just came back from Vietnam and snapped some good stuff there.

I will follow everyone who follows her.

Anonymous: Once again you can do better

I really hope you know you can’t define my standards, or tell me who to be attracted to.

Anonymous: Does Lauren have any tattoos

She has none, which I kind of like.

To the girl with long dirty blonde hair in a floral dress walking down rush street

You’re fucking beautiful.

Anonymous: Which drug is your favorite?

I’m an uppers kind of guy, coke and Molly were among my favorites.

Anonymous: Which exactly .. I'm curious.. ?

The pot, coke, Molly, BK, vyvance, adderall, LSD, and a bunch of other shit.

Anonymous: What drugs have you done?

Hmm, a lot.

Anonymous: I really love the way you dress yourself up, you have great fashion sense and you're really attractive.

It’s all an illusion, I’m actually not associated with any of those things.